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monday, 07 June 2010
Sally Bollywood Continues Her Conquest of The International Marketplace


Zodiak Entertainment announces new sales in Spain and Portugal. Â Super RTL acquires the license mandate for German-speaking Europe.

Just six months after her debut on the global stage at MIPCOM 2009, Sally Bollywood is forging ahead with her international career.

Sally Bollywood has conquered Spain where she will air on Cartoon Network/Telecinco and Portugal when she’ll appear on Aquarius. These new sales are added to those already signed with Super RTL in Germany, Disney Channel in France, Germany, Italy and French-speaking Africa, VRT and RTBF in Belgium, Noga in Israel and Atlantic Pictures in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Deals are also being finalised in the Netherlands and the Middle East.

Currently broadcasting on Disney Germany, the series will air from October 2011 on Super RTL. The channel has just acquired a license mandate for German-speaking Europe.

Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet, Scripted Sales Director at Zodiak Entertainment who brokered the deal said, “Sally Bollywood is a lovable and exciting children’s character who is steadily charming her way around the globe. We are delighted to announce these new sales in Spain and Portugal and hope to see them taking advantage of the cross-media opportunities this brand has in their territories.”Â

Sally Bollywood is a 52 x 13’ animated series follows the investigations led by Sally, a young private detective whose inquiries are followed up around her school and the local neighborhood. Sally’s adventures are full of humor with a touch of spice and unfold against a colorful musical backdrop.Â

As with all the series developed by Télé Images Kids, Sally Bollywood has a strong cross-media presence. Four novels have already been published by Nathan and a stationery range has been released by Ercé, which will be followed in September 2010 by a comic strip from Jungle, DVDs from France Télévisions Distribution and a luggage and textile range from Sahinler. The video of Nâdiya, who performs the title music for the series, has been multibroadcast on the France 3 TV channel and Sony Music has released it on CD.

Produced by Télé Images Kids (Philippe Alessandri and Giorgio Welter) and Three’s a Company for France 3 and Network 7, Sally Bollywood is a Franco-Australian coproduction created in 2D digital animation between Paris, Annecy and Sydney. It is distributed internationally by Zodiak Entertainment Distribution.

Notes for editors:

About Sally Bollywood

12-year old Sally holds an unflinching admiration for her brilliant detective father, Harry Bollywood. So it’s no surprise that she’s determined to follow in his footsteps and become an ace investigator. It’s genetic!

With the help of her friend Dowee, Sally sets up a sub-department in her father’s detective agency – “Sally Bollywood Investigation” (SBI) – open only on weekends and vacations. And just to avoid competition with her father’s business, Sally’s agency provides services exclusively to kids. Homework gone missing? Close friends or pets mysteriously vanished? Arguments or alibis needed to settle disputes? “Sally Bollywood Investigation” can save the day! Results guaranteed within 24 hours! Payments in sweets or candy eagerly accepted! 52 x 13 min.A series produced by Philippe Alessandri and Giorgio Welter, created by Pepper Sue et Elastik Jane, and directed by Jérémie Hoarau and Alexis Ducord. © Télé Images Kids – Three’s a company – francetelevisions - 2010


About Télé Images Kids

Founded and run by Philippe Alessandri, Tele Images Kids, a daughter company of the Marathon Group, is one of Europe’s leading producers of youth programmes, with animated hit shows such as “Street Football” (78 half-hours) or “Atomic Betty” (78 half-hours) and the live action series “Studio 24” (78 half-hours).


Zodiak Entertainment is a leading creator, producer and distributor of multi-genre content for TV, cinema, internet and mobile. Â Part of the De Agostini Group, Zodiak Entertainment is comprised of more than 30 highly successful production companies including Diverse, IWC Media, Jarowskij, Magnolia, Mastiff, Marathon, Presentable, RDF Television, RDF USA, RM 5to Elemento, Sol, The Comedy Unit, The Foundation, Touchpaper Television, and Yellow Bird. Â Operating in over 18 countries around the world, Zodiak Entertainment companies produce hit programmes such as Being Human, Fort Boyard, Gormiti, Location Location Location,Peking Express, St Tropez, Stars on Stage, Wallander, The Secret Millionaire, Totally Spies!, Waybuloo and international feature film sensation, Millennium. Â Zodiak Entertainment boasts a global sales distribution network based in London and Paris.Â



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