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IWC Media

IWC Media is Scotland's largest independent television production company, with offices in Glasgow and London. The company was formed in May 2004, as a result of the merger of Wark Clements and Ideal World Productions, and became part of Zodiak in 2005. The Managing Director is Hamish Barbour.

IWC has a well established reputation for making popular, intelligent and award-winning programmes for British terrestrial and digital channels, and for channels such as Discovery, the History Channel and National Geographic Channel in America.

The company’s output ranges from popular factual, lifestyle and formats for peak-time and daytime, to documentary, landmark, and blue-chip science and history. IWC is very proud of the range of programmes it makes, the training the company provides, and the standards it maintains.

Key programmes include Channel 4's long-running property series Location, Location, Location, Extreme Fishing with Robson Green for Five; Terry Pratchett on Alzheimer's for BBC Two and Genius of Charles Darwin for Channel 4.

As part of Zodiak UK, IWC works closely with Bullseye Productions and Lucky Day.

The company has a core staff of around 35.


  • Hamish Barbour
    Managing Director
  • Jonathan Warne
    Director of Production
  • Yvonne Mackinnon
    Director of Finance
  • Elspeth O'Hare
    Head of Documentaries
  • Ross Harper
    Executive Producer, Factual

key productions

Location Location Location, Relocation Relocation, Extreme Fishing with Robson Green, Terry Pratchett: Living with  Alzheimer's, Lost Kingdoms of Africa, Kirstie's Homemade Home, Genius of Charles Darwin, Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive, Modern Masters, A Year in the Life: JK Rowling, Rory and Paddy's Great British Adventure


Specialist Factual, Popular Factual, Lifestyle and Formats, Documentary


St. George's Studio
93-97 St George's Road
Glasgow G3 6JA
United Kingdom

Gloucester Building
Kensington Village
Avonmore Road
London W14 8RF
United Kingdom